"We're the three best friends that anyone could have!"
  1. 5. Burgers, fries, and shakes
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    Hi, sorry nothing beats a classic 50's diner meal. If I'm going to throw down on a burger, you better believe it's coming with some fries and ice cream. That's just how it's done.
  2. 4. Who lives in a 🍍 under the sea?
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    There are way more characters in this show than these three, but nothing makes me laugh harder than SpongeBob and Patrick annoying their precious neighbor, Squidward.
  3. 3. Good morning, Angels!
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    Natalie, Alex, and Dylan. Three of the baddest chicks in history, fighting crime and in heels? Major props! They're hilarious, their disguises are endless, and they always know how to have a good time. With these three, you can't help but pick your fave. #DylanSanders
  4. 2. Tree Hill Ravens
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    These three have endured everything a cheesy high school TV Series could throw at you. Boys, drugs, car accidents, literally all of it! And they still magically remained friends. Or is that how it's supposed to be? I can't pick a fave out of this group, they all taught me something different.
  5. 1. Who's that girl?....
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    There's just no denying they are the best! Laughs galore! New Girl has forever changed my life for the better. I've got mad love for these boys. Mad love.
  6. Honorable Mention
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    Chart toppers and show stoppers. They could get you through any breakup in one piece. It's time for a reunion tour ladies!