1. Smile
    There is literally NO HARM done in giving someone a grin, you never know what people are going through, that's the smallest gesture and it's free.
  2. Dance in the car
    The shower is so typical and we all know you're playing your jams. Let loose; what's the worse that could happen? You sit beside someone at a red light for 15 seconds? Show em what you're working with!
  3. Travel
    I had a mild heart attack just thinking about the fact I've only stepped foot on two of the seven glorious continents. There's sooooooo much to see and I plan on getting an eye full, you should too.
  4. Unplug
    Take some time and get away from all the screens and all the keyboards. Watch the sunset, read a book, paint a picture. Just stop thinking about likes and comments and think about nothing! Who knows, you might like it.
  5. Try something new
    Get out of your routine! Once a week do something that scares you. Switch it up! Yolo!
  6. Show compassion
    In such a selfish world, it's important to slow down and look at conflicting matters from all angles, don't be afraid to put yourself in someone else's shoes and see their point of view. It might solve a lot of the world's problems.
  7. Let go
    Situations that you can't change will just eat you up inside of you let them. You can't stress about things that have already happened. The faster you move on, the happier you'll be.
  8. Listen
    To others and to yourself. Simply, care.