and why they're amazeballs in my book.
  1. 10. 💸
    Any human adult knows how heavily this weighs on you. First of the month? Bills? Anything that's fun? Bye earnings, it was great while it lasted.
  2. 9. 😫
    This is my, "I'm so over it" face. Anytime I feel totes drained, I use this. You can almost hear the Lucille Ball wahhhhhh. It usually ties in with the flying money.
  3. 8. 🚨
    EMERGENCY! Go stalk nameless @hotguy he just posted another fire selfie! I need outfit advice so you need to stay by your phone and help me! Basic people arguing on fb and the comments are hilarious! You get the point. Anything that needs attention right away, gets the light.
  4. 7.😏
    Smirk, can take the edge off of any suggestion. Netflix and chill *smirk* got any gossip? *smirk* this emoji can lighten up the mood 10x better than you doing it on your own. It can can get kinda creepy in selfie form, trust me, I've tried.
  5. 6. 🍷
    Speaking of taking the edge off, wine is the symbol my squad knows all too well. Wine helps me vent, complain, and of course, whine.
  6. 5. 😂
    If this isn't in your frequently used, you should probably reevaluate your life. Cry/laugh emoji is the new LOL and your self worth should be validated by how many of these your friends use after you make a funny.
  7. 4. 🇨🇱
    The Lone Star State flag. It's where I'm from; gotta love it.
  8. 3. 👸🏼👸🏿👸🏻👸🏾👸🏽
    I'm not even sure why they have a normal woman emoji? Every woman is a Queen.
  9. 2. 🌮
    Not just any food, tacos. My first love. Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Bueno; I ain't got no type.
  10. 1. 💩
    Because really, poop.