This is a short list of North American energy vortexes that you didn't know you needed. πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€
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    Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg in the heart of Texas hill country. The rock is just over an hour's drive outside of Austin. This massive monolith is referred to as the Ayers Rock of the Americas. It is gold and copper and sings with the wind. The billion year old rock lives over a volcano that didn't erupt. It's actually 3 rocks - all different!
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    Integratron, Landers, California. George Van Tassel built the dome after allegedly receiving instructions from extraterrestrials from Venus known as "The Council of Seven Lights." Great energy charge! I'll be there Saturday at 12:30. Come day hi!
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    Boynton Canyon, Sedona AZ. This can only be described as a swirling energy vortex. You feel like you are being sucked into a hurricane that gives you yummy visions & tranquility that it quite nice. You are able to visualize clearly without distraction. If you ever leave, you feel that the vortex is still around you like a sweet little safety net.
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    Courthouse Butte, Sedona AZ. Adjacent to the more famous Bell Rock, I had my most unintentionally psychedelic experience here and learned that my spirit animal is a bumble bee. Sober, I promise. Incredibly peaceful and quiet (if you time it right), it's loaded with ET energy that helps to *unlock* your mind & maybe take a ride through Adromeda.
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    Michael Portal in Banff, Alberta, CA. The electro magnetic resonance at the Michael Portal is said to create a duel set of realities that don't quite converge. People claim to vacillate between the spiritual and tangible worlds in this portal. Time spent in a place as charged at the Michael Portal is also said to speed up one's physical frequency.
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    Crestone, CO, also known as The Shambala of The Rockies. It is believed to sit at the convergence of key ley lines that create powerful energy for healing and higher states of consciousness. Ute & Comanche Indians traveled here for it's natural healing qualities and created hidden caves for mediation and vision quests. Also the town can disappear!
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    Superstition Mountains in Apache, AZ. People claim that there are portals to other dimensions in these mountains. Dozens of ET maps describe Superstition Mountains as a hot spot alien activity AND the ascension of a subterranean reptilian culture. The Apache Indians called it The Devil's Playground.
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    Crystal Vortex between Eureka Springs and Magnet Cove in Arkansas. A new-agey person who calls himself the Metatron claims we can discover the remnants of the blue race people of Atlantis here. It is one of the largest natural deposits of crystalline quartz in the world. The natural crystals found here are said to run at higher frequency.
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    Magnetic Levitation Vortex in FA. The Coral Castle was built in the 1920s Ed Leedskalnin. He weighed just 100 pounds yet managed to move 1,100 tons of coral into fantastic structures as a monument to a bride he’d never marry. He tapped into the secret of the building of the pyramids and found a Diamagnetic Vortex akin to the Bermuda Triangle.
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    Others I as yet know little about include Yellowstone in WY, Harney Peak in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and Long Pond on Cape Cod.