I love exercise, I just can't seem to remember that when I actually need to get up and do it. Here are a few that I love to hate.
  1. Running
    I really love doing it, and the Nike app is really fun to track runs and follow friends, but it requires perfect, dry temperature and a great playlist. Clearly won't be running today.
  2. Push-ups
    I can make myself feel powerful as I pump through 12 push-ups on my knees. And that's ok- 'cause I'm a girl.
  3. Jumping jacks
    Great full-body cardio move. If you've never had kids.... Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.....
  4. Skipping
    See jumping jacks.
  5. Sit-ups
    Basic sit ups are ok. Start adding leg movement, rotations and additional weights, there's a whole new list to compile of issues I have with that.
  6. Supermans
    So misleading. How to name an exercise that sounds childish, looks childish and yet is so freaking painful??
  7. Plank
    See supermans. Include bicycles.