It's been months. But I won't stop.
  1. Fitbit gives me better stats.
    My steps are higher, my heart rate is in a more reasonable range, Fitbit makes me look good.
  2. Apple shows me my text messages and lets me respond
    Fitbit shows me who's calling, but I have to go to my phone to answer. I can ignore calls (or answer them, but that's weird) from my wrist with Apple.
  3. Fitbit cheers my goal accomplishment
    I can set it real low, choose the most likely to succeed and get a good pat on the back. Apple haptics me to stand up. And tells me how badly I'm behind in all my goals.
  4. Apple gives me motion jellyfish.
    Fitbit does not. At all.
  5. No one has an apple watch
    Which makes me feel special.
  6. People with fitbits unite
    Challenges rock and suck. They make life fun. If someone sees a Fitbit on you, they will approach you. It's a secret club.
  7. Fitbit monitors my sleep
    For some odd reason, this is important. Apple sleeps in the charger every night.
  8. Fitbit and Apple won't track each other's stats.
    If I take one off, there will be a hole in my data existence. Unacceptable.