Inspired by @breeannie
  1. Monday
    I can do this, I'm only 1000 steps behind at 9:30. Ill park far from the entrance.
  2. Tuesday
    I'm in the lead! Yay! Screw you all, I'm the best! Send all your cheers my way! Will walk and walk to get a good lead!
  3. Tuesday... 5 mins later
    Steps are now synced, everyone else has passed me by thousands of steps. It's a conspiracy.
  4. Wednesday
    Gap is getting bigger, but little sis's batteries are low! Yes!!!! There's hope.
  5. Thursday
    Battery never dies. Getting frustrated. Sending threats and insults. Still cheering the leaders.
  6. Friday
    Fitbit is buried in a drawer. I'll take it out when the challenge is over.