I know it's a small market, but still...
  1. They are idiots.
    I mean, really. These people are on live TV 4-5 hours a day and every day it's like it's their first.
  2. They are always throwing to someone "in the newsroom"
    Even though we know the "newsroom" is in the same room as the anchor desk.
  3. In the same vein they throw to a remote...
    that is, 9 times out of 10, in their own goddamn parking lot.
  4. Pronunciation
    They can't be bothered. They repeat the same script every 10 minutes and they can't find out how to pronounce things like "saguaro" or names of cities *in our area*. Not to mention and foreign sounding name.
  5. Total lack of interest in the news.
    I mean, I get it. It's a job. It's a grind. But I would really like for my NEWS anchors to have a curiosity about the world or perhaps even a passing interest.