When I was a child, I wanted to be the weather... I wanted to be things that you see in the sky - the elements of the weather/solar system. Anything but human. I never understood why I couldn't grow up to be a star in the solar system, or a cloud, especially when my parents would always tell me that I could be ANYTHING that I wanted when I grew up!
  1. Rain
    Who wouldn't want to be a beautiful thing such as rain??? It cools, soothes, hydrates, cleanses and purifies one...
  2. A Tornadoe
    I have no idea why I wanted to be a tornado... They look cool, but are lethal.
  3. Clouds
    I believe that clouds are hangout spits for our angels and guardian angels... They're fluffy and defy gravity.
  4. Thunder/lightening
    There's nothing like the sound of thunder... A force to be reckoned with. The power of thunder shakes us profoundly to our very core, with fear, but it's a beautiful thing. I grew up watching lightening storms during monsoon season.
  5. Hail
    I wanted to hail in my older sister... Maybe this explains why. She was pushy, but afraid of hail...
  6. The sun
    The sun gives us light, warmth, our plants energy, and helps our skin absorb and produce vitamin D, which is vital to respiratory health.
  7. One of the many constellations... Anyone...
    Constellations are what many dreams and myths were forged upon. They light our skies and enchant our souls with their light.
  8. The wind/air
    The wind caries messages on the wind, cools us with its breezes, plays with our hair, moves the clouds, helps with some factors of plant pollination, flies our kites, floats our planes...
  9. The moon...my favorite...
    La Luna, how majestic you are as you provides the world's skies with light, assist the seas with its ebb and flow against the seashores, rise and lower the tides and leave us with marine life to study... The moon is miraculously alluring.
  10. A hurricane
    Gushes of air and water, two of the four elements. Beautiful, yet lethal combination.
  11. A tsunami
  12. The fog
    The fog hides us, yet protects us. It blankets us with its moist veil.
  13. A flood
    This one is from my childhood spent in monsoon seasons or floods...
  14. A nebula
    Have you ever seen one? So beautiful. The death and rebirth of a star. Whenever a star bursts, it's gifted and dispelled into a million more stars, that decorate our galaxies as if they were metallic laced water colors, as they spread across the sky.
  15. Shooting star
    Where do stars go when they leave?
  16. A satellite in space
  17. Planets... I was in love with Pluto and because it was blue and Mars because it was red... Oh and Venus because she was the goddess of love.
  18. The rings around Saturn...
    C'mon... Have you seen them? They're beautiful, but they're only gas.
  19. The craters in the moon
    Something that's aesthetically beautiful about the moon's craters. They remind me of lakes of ash.
  20. Precipitation
    Moisture... Steam...
  21. A ladybug
    They can go anywhere and they're red!
  22. A plane.
    Don't ask because I actually hate flying now...
  23. The ocean...
    So much good, blues, water, soothing sounds, and an underwater Eco-system, existing on its own without human assistance. Fish are awesome... I'd rather watch the, and it eat them and I'm not vegan...