1. I walked into someone's house and I looked at them and thought they were dead. They were not but honestly, that was surprising.
    I'm still surprised. They looked SO DEAD.
  2. I listened to a podcast, and it made me cry
    Living room by radiolab. But they all make me cry..
  3. I took my dog on a walk. But not long enough for him to poop. I feel mildly guilty but it is 98 degrees outside.
    He can poop in the morning.
  4. I binge watched a show called "Life" but mostly I waited for the endearing moments of friendship and the sexual tension. Those are my favorite, and the reason I watch anything.
  5. I made strawberry cobbler. With WAY too much butter, because I don't use recipes. All grandmothers should be proud.
  6. Someone told me I had lovely hair and a pretty, round face. And they kept patting their cheeks and saying 'round' over and over. I'm going to assume it was the painkillers..
  7. And then I took melatonin and set my alarm and went to sleep, probably in the nude because my house is too warm. Even though that's the future, it's still today so I think it counts.