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  1. Living 1/4 mile off the Boston Marathon course
  2. Living in a 15 mile radius of all the members of The Office, Conan O'Brien, and They Might Be Giants...
    Not that I know any of them, but it makes me proud of Boston
  3. Remembering when Whole Foods was called Bread & Circus
  4. Watching Annie Hall and realizing that every Easter you had experienced was something Woody Allen could parody
  5. Spending hours on the Green Line as a teenager
    This was more akin to torture actually
  6. The 2004 Red Sox
    I am a fair weather sports fan but no one can deny how awesome that season was. I was also a big fan of all the 1986 Boston teams
  7. Thinking it was normal for men to wear bow ties
  8. Back when the T was 85 cents
    And you paid with a token!
    Suggested by @homa
  9. Winter coats from the Rugged Bear
    Suggested by @homa
  10. Getting the obstructed seats at the old Boston Garden
    Suggested by @homa
  11. According to @homa everyday in high school was like a John Hughes film
    My school was sadly the opposite... More like School Ties.. @marinsmith