In honor of Wimbledon, I have made a special edition of the craziest and/or worst tennis parents in recent history. There is so much more to be said than I have captured here!
  1. Mike Agassi (Andre Agassi's dad)
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    I did not appreciate how terrible and crazy Andre's dad was until I read his book "Open". It made me very sad for Andre. When Andre was 9, Mike made Andre play a football pro and bet the FAMILY HOUSE that Andre would win! 9 years old! Many more insane anecdotes like carrying a gun in the car glove compartment and driving after people with it who cut him off in traffic!
  2. Peter Graf (Steffi Graf's dad)
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    Nicknamed "Papa Merciless", he was controlling, verbally abusive, and mismanaged millions of dollars from her winnings. Great moment in Andre's book (noted above) where the two crazy dads meet for the first time and are so competitive with each other they get in a fistfight.
  3. John Tomic (Bernard Tomic's dad)
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    John Tomic was banned from the tour for a year for head butting Bernard's hitting partner, knocking him unconscious. Definitely verbally abusive, it has also been said he shoots Bernard with a BB gun and has punched him in the face.
  4. Damir Dokic (Jelena's Dokic's dad)
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    Jelena Dokic of Serbia and Australia says her father, Damir, mentally and physically abused her. I don't doubt it given he was imprisoned in 2009 for threatening the Australian ambassador to Serbia with a rocket launcher.
  5. Richard Williams (Venus and Serena's dad)
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    I LOVE the Williams sisters and they seem to love their dad, but he is known as one of the kookiest parents on tour. Has lots of opinions about everything and is not afraid to share them. At least he is protective of his children, which cannot be said for most of the parents on this list.
  6. Oracene Price (Venus and Serena's mom)
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    Seems 100% more chill than Richard Williams.... possibly to a fault. I watched an interview with her once during the Grand Slams where they asked if she was excited and she said something like "you can only get so excited about tennis. That's why I always wear these big glasses... so I can take a snooze." Props for honesty I guess?
  7. Marion bartoli's dad
    He used to make her walk with tennis balls attached to the soles of her feet.
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