@shayna this is for you, but I had been thinking about making a List for it for awhile anyway
  1. App: Headspace
    Great free App. I have been using this for a few years. Two friends of mine who are psychologists and very into mindfulness separately recommended this too. Also online at headspace.com
  2. Book: Mindfulness In Plain English - Bhante Gunaratana
    This is Josh's top choice for mindfulness books esp for those just getting into it
  3. App: Pill Reminder
    I have co-opted this App and have it remind me to take my "meditation" once/hour to practice one minute of mindfulness (which I often disregard)
  4. Book: The Mindful Way through Anxiety - Susan Orsillo & Lizabeth Roemer
    I haven't read this yet but it was independently recommended by Jess M. and a psychiatrist I know who works at BU's Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders
  5. Org: Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
    They have drop in sessions with guided meditation on Tuesday and Sunday nights in addition to a whole bunch of talks. Cambridgeinsight.org
  6. Book: If the Budda Dated - Charlotte Kasl
    Not really about mindfulness, but kind of in the same vein. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone
  7. Thoughts without a thinker- Mark Epstein!!
    Suggested by @rebeccafern
  8. App: Insight Timer. Has guided meditation or a gong and timer for your own meditation. Insighttimer.com