Ok @shayna I think this list is better titled random/funny things that happened at NPR. For those who know their NPR, these didn't take place at HQ, but at the local NPR affiliates, WBUR and WNYC. And these took place in a previous lifetime.
  1. When my co-worker pointed out that the best NPR employees are Canadian Jews.
    Because they don't need to take the coveted holidays of Christmas and American Thanksgiving off. She herself was a Canadian Jew so may also have been a bit biased :)
  2. That I only got to listen to NPR while in the bathroom.
    They piped the station into the bathroom and normally everyone is so busy getting their pieces ready to air that they don't actually get to listen to the radio while at work.
  3. When Ira Glass came to the station and all of the engineers groaned and rolled their eyes.
    The engineers I worked with are not your typical NPR target audience. If you like Ira Glass, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the SNL sketch with Fred Armisen and then the TAL episode which Fred co-hosted with Ira titled "Doppelgängers."
  4. When Tom Ashbrook kept peppering me when he found out I had a big crush on redheads.
  5. When it was clear Tom Ashbrook had a big crush on Maureen Dowd.
    (This may explain the peppering situation above.)
  6. Letting Cokie Roberts into the building around 6 am, saying hi, and then being mute for the next 5 minutes bc I didn't know what to say.
  7. When I came back to the station in the afternoon after having my nose cauterized and had all this gauze stuck up my nose from the morning. I was hiding out in one of the booths and one of the Click & Clack brothers saw me from the studio, pointed at a big bandage on his hand, then pointed at my nose, and gave me a big thumbs up.
  8. When my Morning Edition team would bet on who the BBC host was going to be that day.
    Morning Edition ended at 9 and then the BBC World Service would come on from 9-10 am. Whoever guessed right the day before got to guess first. This gave you a huge advantage bc they typically used the same host for 3-4 days at a time before switching. Super dorky. Super fun.
  9. On a more sentimental note, one of my favorite memories was Thanksgivings with my Morning Edition team. Bob Oakes, Dave, Matt and I would all bring in something special to eat for our holiday meal since we had to be there from 4 am-12 pm.