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  1. Hard work
  2. The Talking Heads
  3. Cocoa Wheats
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  1. Bullseyes
    That thing where you cut a hole in your toast and cook an egg in it
  2. Meg Ryan.
    Just the comedies.
  3. Reeeeal dirty martinis
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I pledged my head to greater thinking.
  1. How to make almost drowning every year at camp "my thing".
  2. Potholder crafts!
  3. Dirty dancing at the fair to Pony by Genuwine.
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You can ask ANYTHING at the public library desk.
  1. Prove that there is not a ghost in this picture.
  2. I'm looking for books on post-menopausal pregnancy. Because I can hear a baby crying when I look down my throat.
  3. The U.S. Treasury sent me an email to tell me I had a small fortune due to me but they need $500 first. Can you help?
    OMG yes. Never trust a U.S. Treasury email from a yahoo.com address. Never trust a watermark that says LEGITMATE.
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