You can ask ANYTHING at the public library desk.
  1. Prove that there is not a ghost in this picture.
  2. I'm looking for books on post-menopausal pregnancy. Because I can hear a baby crying when I look down my throat.
  3. The U.S. Treasury sent me an email to tell me I had a small fortune due to me but they need $500 first. Can you help?
    OMG yes. Never trust a U.S. Treasury email from a address. Never trust a watermark that says LEGITMATE.
  4. Do you have Fifty Shades of Grey?
  5. Which picture do you like better for my profile?
  6. Why are you so pale?
  7. Did you know that I sound just like Elvis?
    Yes, you've mentioned (though I sincerely enjoy being serenaded bi-weekly over the phone).
  8. I had to let go of my secretary because of the recession so I'm going to need you to make a power point presentation for me.
  9. Have you heard of a book called Fifty Shades of Grey?
  10. Can you tell me if the man from this news article was really an alien?
  11. Will you look at this CD with picture of my medical X-ray on it?
  12. Ok, but can you help me find a job?
  13. Is this the ADULT section (pervy chuckle)?
  14. How's your cat?
    Barb is just as fat as ever. Thanks for asking!
  15. There's this book. I don't know if you have it.
    It's Fifty Shades of Grey.