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First off, I'd like to thank you for this. I graduated high school 10 years ago and looking back now I really wish I would have been more open about myself. I don't want to post this on my normal account yet because I don't want sympathy. Maybe I will some some day. Submitted by "Sydney"
  1. No, I'm not okay
    The summer of junior year my life seemed like it crumbled at my feet. I had been dating my boyfriend "Eric" since freshmen year. I honestly thought we were going to get married, have kids the whole whit picket fence thing. Then 4 days before the start of senior year there was a big banger. I walked upstairs and found "Eric in bed with another girl. It turns out "Eric" had been sleeping with this other girl for the past 6 months and everyone seemed to know but me. Days later school started...
  2. No, I'm not okay cont.
    and everywhere I walked people shot me sympathetic looks. I played it off acting like I hadn't cried for the past 4 days straight. As @mindy says sometimes you have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched. If I wouldn't have pretended for a while year not to give a eff maybe my grades wouldn't have dropped, maybe I wouldn't have lost my track scholarship, and maybe Eric would have actually realized just how much of an asshole he was.
  3. The car jokes hurt
    I went to a pretty affluent school and almost everyone drove a brand new BMW or Infiniti courtesy of mommy and daddy. My parents got me a car that was about as old as me. In my book if it could get me from point A to B and it was free, then that was awesome. My classmates, however didn't see it that way every chance they took (jokingly) they would jump on the hood or put trash between the door handle. I acted like this was funny but, it really just made me insecure.
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I just wanted to clear some things up. Everything's okay.
  1. This is a fun app!
    This app in my mind was created for so many different reasons, a big one being comedy and creativity. I know that a lot of those comments didn't have a mean intent. At the beginning I kind of felt like everyone was ganging up on me, but that's life and it's going to happen. I appreciate the apologies and it means a lot. Let's just forget about all of this and use the account as an outlet.
  2. To those of you who are skeptical
    I really don't know how to explain that I have good intentions in this account. I really do, and that's either something you will never believe, or will have to wait and see as this account grows.
  3. I learned a lesson
    Stick with Gmail.
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  1. I'm a high schooler
    I understand that I'm a lot younger than a lot of people on here, so maybe they don't feel the same way. But when your a 16 year old sometimes it's hard to tell people exactly how you feel and I feel like this would be a good way to let some stuff out, nerves, anxieties, etc. I can't even present a statistics project without getting stressed out that people will laugh if I did the math wrong, so I thought this would be perfect for someone like me.
  2. The email
    Apparently it's wrong to have an AOL email, sorry I didn't know that.
  3. I thought this would be a good idea
    So far on my personal account I've learned that @list is an awesome place and people are so much more welcoming than other social media places. This account wasn't made for people to roast each other or make fun of a simple email, it was made to be an outlet.
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Due to the list app not having a messaging system an email was the only thing I could think of to send lists. I just signed up for this email and I promise it's only going to be used for the list app
  1. Email sent to me
  2. Added email
  3. Confirmation
This account was designed for people to send lists they would like to have published anonymously. These lists can be sent to: anonymouslists@AOL.com
  1. Maybe something's really bugging you and you need to share it with the world, just not necessarily under your name
  2. You recently went through a break up and need to let the world know how mad you are with out letting your ex- boyfriend/ girlfriend know
  3. You have some views people would judge you for having, but it's important to have your voice be heard
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