1. The names of all the girls I used to date.
  2. How to do an attendance report on an excel spread sheet.
  3. The 5 learning principles for after school.
  4. Egg moves for Pokemon in 2nd Gen.
    Aerodactyl can't learn rockslide legally in 2nd Gen.
  5. The names of just about every character on The Walking Dead.
  6. The Golden Girls theme song.
    "Thank you for being a friend."
  7. The lyrics to Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass".
    It gets trapped in there and it won't go away!!
  8. The channel number for the NFL Network on Comcast.
    It's 450...I think.
  9. How to play this one AFI song on guitar.
    Even though I can't remember what the song is called.
  10. 90s commercial jingles.
    "Twister, the hot spot!"
  11. The nicknames I have given to all of my Amiibo.
    Nightwing, Boba, Bubbles, & Mencia, just to name a few.
  12. The way Caitlyn Jenner looks.
  13. The imagery of Donald Trump's hair.
  14. Memories of when I have found hair in my food.
    They seem to pop up randomly when I'm eating or about to eat.
  15. Remembering all of these things so that I could make this list.