Day two, let's go!
  1. Daveed Diggs saying "*gasp* Daddy's calling" in Cabinet Battle #2
    Yes, I'm still obsessing over Hamilton. No, I'm not sorry. I drove five hours today to get back to school, and I listened to the whole soundtrack, once again. I can't sing, so, of course, I belted out the whole musical from the privacy of my car where no one had to hear me try (and fail) to rap all of "Guns and Ships"
  2. Having freshly washed pillowcases
    Sometimes, it's the small things. Today, it's having bedding that smells like detergent and home.
  3. Coming back to school with motivation
    "Feeling motivated" is a fleeting thing for me, because stress or anxiety is what usually gets me through studying and exams and papers. When I am motivated, I cling to it for as long as I can and try to remember the visceral feeling so I can call on it to power me through hectic times.