3 things that made me happy on June 27

Day three. Today wasn't a great day so this was harder to complete 🙃
  1. 1.
    Finishing a great run
    I'm trying to finish a 10k trainer app, and a new route this morning made today's interval training actually really enjoyable. Running past open fields and cows and seeing the sun rise — it's picturesque and feels unreal.
  2. 2.
    Today's SCOTUS abortion ruling
  3. 3.
    Actually learning cool shizz in biochem
    I spent the past three years complaining about how general and organic chemistry was a pain and didn't feel applicable to what I was actually interested in. But biochem this semester is legitimately really interesting and I always have at least one moment of awe during lecture when I'm reminded of the bajillions of intricate processes my body has to regulate just to keep me alive.