3 things that made me happy on June 28

It was actually easy to think of things today woooo~
  1. Playing in an orchestra
    I haven't played in any kind of legitimate ensemble since eight grade, and on a whim decided to join orchestra for the summer semester. I loved it so much, and realized how much I was missing it. Just the sound of everyone tuning at the start of rehearsal and the resonance of all of the instruments felt like home.
  2. Noticing this tiny rainbow on my walk home
  3. Watching the original "21 Chump Street" for the first time
    I randomly found it because I was looking up Anthony Ramos (Hamilton obsession still going strong ✊🏽) and his character is adorable, and the way they portray high school naïveté and stupidity is so cute, it brought a smile to my face.