It's late and I should be asleep and it's technically June 30th already but day 5 leggo...
  1. Watching the Amy Schumer / Lin-Manuel Miranda sketch from Inside Amy Schumer
    I've never seen this before and it's too short but it made me laugh out loud so it made the list
  2. Listening to Bharatanatyam music on Spotify
    I learned bharatanatyam for 11 years, and was randomly feeling super nostalgic for it. I love that Spotify has so much music available, that I can find my varnam on it.
  3. Cleaning my room
    I was feeling very stressed out and decided to clean up my room a little bit — nothing major. But going to sleep in a room without laundry all over the floor and a bathroom that now has the satisfying smell of cleaning products has made me a little less stressed.