All the appeal of a 90s pop group with lyrics that make you feel cozy and in touch with the band
  2. Lebanese Cheese Bread
    It's bread with feta cheese on it...ya dig ?
  3. PaperMate felt tip pens
    Precise and pretty
  4. Dogs
    These are mine
  5. Medici Masters of Florence
    Learn about Florentine history and the Great Cosimo de Medici who paved the the way for the Italian renaissance
  6. Upcycling
  7. Shea Moisture Tea Tree Essential oils
    Clears your skin up and smells good you can also add it to your bath
  8. Memory Wall
    This is kinda teeny but just a wall or an area that has pictures and ticket stubbs and passes hung up it's a good way to keep your memories alive.
  9. Random night's with family or friends where you sing songs and dance and be goofy as shit