5 Driving Don'ts

Annoying, rude, or unsafe...these are the things that keep road rage on the rise.
  1. Tailgating. Nothing worse than looking in your rear view mirror to see some jackass steaming up your back bumper. Slow down or take the weeds!
  2. Failing to use turn signals. You know the ones...you are cruising down the highway (or inching along if you live in a city) and all of the sudden a car changes lanes in front of you with no warning. You slam on the brakes expecting to feel the impact as the car clips your front bumper. &$@#!
  3. Driving while reading. This should really be a no brainier, but it is amazing how many people I see trying to read while driving. The newspaper, a magazine, the latest Grisham novel...whatever. Like you can't skim the news or read on your lunch break later? Seriously, put the shit down an DRIVE.
  4. Doing your makeup. Yes ladies, you know who you are. You hit the snooze bar one too many times and now you are late. So while driving like a maniac (usually in a Suburban with 6 kids in the back), you are applying a full ten step makeup process. It's not worth stabbing yourself in the eye with a mascara wand as you swerve all over the place.
  5. Driving while on the phone/texting. While it is illegal to be on your phone in many areas of the country, people still talk, text, Snapchat, post to Facebook, etc. while operating a vehicle. A car can KILL someone or yourself if you are watching your phone instead of the road. HANG UP AND DRIVE.