Inspired by @dustinboone
  1. When my parents shouted my name from far away. With my crazy imagination as a child i would always assume the worst like then shouting for me while a murderer might have them at gun point.
  2. Ancient Aliens tv series.
  3. That one time i heard my name be called through the radio.....when it was off... and unplugged.
  4. Shaddy Slim (Halloween prop) though it looks goofy now.
  5. Green light bulbs in peoples drive ways.
  6. Blades face from Puppet Master (still gives me chills)
  7. Backwards head lady from the Fatal Frame game seires
  8. Pumpkin head.
  9. That everytime we dropped someone at the entrance of a store and drove to find a parking spot, we were abandoning them forever.
  10. The Rapist from Gravedancers. (was scared even trying to look him up)