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Anxiousness galore!
  1. I have an exam tomorrow and I didn't study during the whole weekend
  2. I have some homework stuff pending too
  3. I completely blew off my friend's going-away party and I feel super guilty and if I don't see him before he leaves I'll feel terrible
    I'm not a horrible person. I just make bad decisions a lot of the time
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He once locked our dog outside of the house and it was raining. Ever since then I always get a little worried of him locking everything up correctly.
  1. 3-something am
    Wake up. Hear weird noises in the house. Is someone taking a shower? But isn't it like 3am? Who is it? And worry a little.
  2. 3:45-ish? am
    Hear loud stomping. Lights get turned on. More loud stomping. Hear a faint sound of a podcast... Oh, it's definitely him, but isn't this like a weird hour to do that? He does go to sleep pretty late sometimes but...?
  3. 4:00 am
    Sneak out of my room to find out. Should I be loud so he doesn't get scared or do it quietly so that he doesn't notice? I go for the quiet option.
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The reason why I lost my mind. Song by Song
  1. First scene: 😱
    I was very excited
  2. Summer Nights: 😱😱
    Looked really good. Also the song contains my favourite dance moves of the show.
  3. Greased Lightning: 😱😱💀
    Do I really need to say something? 😍
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There are a lot of things that bother me in life. These are just a few of them. -ps. I will update this list every once in a while
  1. People chewing gum
    I don't think anything bothers me more than this. I find it gross and just terrible in all accounts. If you are one of those persons who chews all loudly and opening your mouth more than necessary: why?!
  2. People with dirty cars (the inside)
    Yes, I judge you by how clean your car is. I understand it's really convenient to carry some stuff around in your car to make your life a little easier. But if you have dirty gym socks around and month-old trash, that's just being dirty and lazy.
  3. People who leave their trash in the table
    I won't pick it up for you
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