Summary of Aaron Tveit on Grease Live

The reason why I lost my mind. Song by Song
  1. First scene: 😱
    I was very excited
  2. Summer Nights: 😱😱
    Looked really good. Also the song contains my favourite dance moves of the show.
  3. Greased Lightning: 😱😱💀
    Do I really need to say something? 😍
  4. The Shorts aka Those Magic Changes: 😱 💀💀
    THE SHORTS!!! 💀
  5. Born To Hand Jive: 😍
    I don't really like that outfit but he looked very happy so...
  6. Sandy: 👌🏼
    Not my favourite song
  7. You Are The One That I want: 😱 💀💀😍
    Duuuuude 😍
  8. We Go Together: 😍😍
    He looked so good and so happy
  9. Overall Rating: 😱💀😍😍