Awesome podcasts for traveling

I have a long@ss commute and I've spent over 200 hours in flights this year. These podcasts have kept me company and kept me sane.
  1. CYG - Call Your Girlfriend
    Worth starting from the beginning. Aminatou and Ann have got me through many a lay-over. Nothing like menstruation news, Beyoncé updates, and conversations about mansplaining to feel like a bad@ss lady.
  2. Witch, Please
    Seriously, seriously. Harry Potter fans, critical feminist readers, and lovers of lit, this podcast is everything you could ever want it to be. It challenges HP and also loves it. My only problem is what will become of it when they finish all the books?!
  3. Wait, wait...don't tell me.
    I know half of the podcasting-verse knows about this one. But you know those weeks where @thedailyshow and last week tonight are the only way you get your news? Well, here's another self aware, comic news source to add on.
  4. Sounds of the trail
    A little inspiration and motivation for those ugly winter days at the gym.
  5. Another round
    I'm new to Tracy and Heben, but they're proving to be a the makers of another gooder.