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Isn't this list an introduction?
  1. I'm convinced I invented the email tag line "Please excuse typos and brevity." in 2006.
  2. I am not 5 feet tall. If I grew past 4'11" I'd probably wear jeans more often and would have taken over the world by now.
  3. I was named Aria way before that Pretty Little Liar chick.
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I don't own a selfie stick.
  1. One - Best little dive bar in LA. Don't ask me the name.
  2. Two - My kid throwing a stomping fit because she didn't get a burrito. Also, she dressed herself.
  3. Three - Still life with pink bear found in my kitchen.
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I'm pretty sure I was raised by TV.
  1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - If you don't stop and secretly cheer inside when you see this on TV then you might not have a shred of whimsy in your black soul. I just shared its magic with my daughter and she instantly fell in love, thus validating my irrational nostalgia for this film. Watch it now as an adult and fall in love all over again.
  2. Dirty Dancing - It's no coincidence Jennifer Gray is in the top two. The woman still holds icon status in my heart. In hindsight she was playing really unique female characters at a time when stereotypes were as heavy as the blue eyeliner. There's lots to say about Dirty Dancing - it's all been said before, watch the movie when it's on TV damnit.
  3. Breakfast Club. No explanation needed.
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