I'm pretty sure I was raised by TV.
  1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - If you don't stop and secretly cheer inside when you see this on TV then you might not have a shred of whimsy in your black soul. I just shared its magic with my daughter and she instantly fell in love, thus validating my irrational nostalgia for this film. Watch it now as an adult and fall in love all over again.
  2. Dirty Dancing - It's no coincidence Jennifer Gray is in the top two. The woman still holds icon status in my heart. In hindsight she was playing really unique female characters at a time when stereotypes were as heavy as the blue eyeliner. There's lots to say about Dirty Dancing - it's all been said before, watch the movie when it's on TV damnit.
  3. Breakfast Club. No explanation needed.
  4. Shawshank Redemption - I watched this WAY before it was age appropriate and loved it immediately. Apparently everyone else my age did too. I even read the short story by Stephen King in a yellowed book purchased at a fleamarket for 25 cents. Still one of the paper to film adaptations ever. And this is coming from 13 year old me. #superfanstatus
  5. Clueless - Obvi
  6. The Price is Right - Not a movie but essential home sick from school viewing. And I'm talking about the Bob Barker years. No one can take his place. Sorry Drew. Love you, but sorry.
  7. Singles - Rarely on TV but always worth stopping and watching. Remember when Janet said 25 was old? At 14 it seemed old. Now I cringe when she says that. Also, superb cameos by smoking hot Eddie Vedder and Jeremy Piven in his prime. I think Matt Dillon's character shaped my taste in men, which in hindsight is terrifying. Also, best soundtrack ever
  8. Good Will Hunting - you know you agree.
  9. Tommy Boy - because Chris Farley.
  10. Pretty much anything you find in the 5 dollar section at Target.
  11. Honorable Mention: The Lost Boys and A Christmas Story.
  12. Not listed: Back to The Future (One and Three) and Indiana Jones (except the Nazi one) - Because I throw those in the DVD player whenever I want. I'm a grown up now.