This 538-page mega-issue officially goes onsale Friday August 14 everywhere ... Starring Anne Hathaway, Tom Ford, Jussie Smollett, Julianne Mooore, Halston Sage, Ibeyi, Mackenzie Davis, DVF, Lea Michele and much more ...
  1. Lady Danger
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    Sophisticated, dark and naughty. Lace mixed with leather. Studs mixed w some skin.
  2. Arty Eccentric
    Idiosyncratic, elegant and bohemian. Prints and texture mixed with abandon.
  3. Urban Nomad
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    Soft fabrics and strong lines. Edit palette in earth tones.
  4. Chic Geek
    Intellectual romantic and very Wes Anderson.
  5. Beauty Queen
    Retro pastels in updated ladylike silhouettes and whimsical accessories.
  6. Wild Child
    Mod 60's in tunics, geometric shapes and lots of snakeskin.