Surprised that the watch is as super cool and clever and I'm having so much fun with this new toy. It does feel like it could "change everything" for lots (text, pay, dating)
  1. Is it heavy?
    Not at all
  2. Are you going to give up all your other watches?
    Like I'm Jay-Z and I have a watch wardrobe w a closet of shelves that wind timepieces automatically throughout the night
  3. Can you see anything on it?
    Most things. Hard of vision, stick w your clock
  4. It totally has like, no battery, right?
    It has a battery, you have to charge it. It goes off when your hand is down, saving energy
  5. Can I try it on? ... Ha! It's mine now!
    Fool me once ...
  6. Does it take selfies?
    You can take pictures using your phone as a camera lens and your watch face as a screen
  7. Oh no tell me you didn't?
    Leave me alone
  8. It doesn't need to charge, does it?
    It runs on my pulse
  9. But what does it do?
    Dispenses cash
  10. You need to have your phone near it at all times, right?
    I never don't have my phone so not sure
  11. Does it come in other sizes?
    Yeah. Two sizes. I guess you could strap your phone to a Sephora wristlet make up bag, too
  12. Why didn't you get the gold one?
    I still buy lottery tickets