Ariel Kelly LI.STroduction

A few things about moi...
  1. Alone in the studio
    When you board op it's basically babysitting boards and although it can get kinda lonely, I love it but then again, I'm a radio dork!
  2. My family is EVERYTHING to me
    I have a handsome, talented, tattoo artist hubs and two phenomenal kiddos. My daughter just graduated high school & my son is going into the 7th grade. It's so very important that my kids are able to come to me for help instead of hiding their lives from me and so far, so good.
  3. Hubs & me, Times Square, June 2015
  4. Class of 2016
    I'm old, I've got a daughter who is on her way to college. I'm so super proud of the smart and beautiful young lady she has become.
  5. It's really difficult...
    to get this fool to sit still or smile for a pic, so this is pretty special but also kinda old. He may look like his dad but that kid thinks just like his mom. Sometimes I can just look at him and know what he's thinking. It's usually something really funny tho.
  6. Mom & Daughter
    NYC 2013, I've taken my girl to SO MANY cites to audition for singing gigs.
  7. Rick Grimes
    The family that watches TWD together - stays together.
  8. My BFF/Cousin/Sister
    I call her lots of different names, some of them are even kinda nice but truly this girl's strength keeps me going!
  9. I work in Radio Broadcasting
    @ a company called Beasley Media Group for a cluster of 6 Radio Stations in the Tampa area, including WBRN - 98.7 (Rock), WQYK - 99.5 (Country), Q105 - 104.7 (70's thru today's hits), WiLD - 94.1 (hip hop/party), Maxima - 92.5 (Hispanic) & our AM station 1010 Money Talk. I do promotions for all stations and also work in the prize distribution department a couple of days out of the week.
  10. The Bert Show, 2012
    My very first internship right out of school in Atlanta was with "The Bert Show" on Q100 - 99.7 -Atlanta (back then it consisted of Bert Weiss, Jeff Dauler, Jenn Hobby, Marisa Siegel, Cassie Young and Kristen Klingshirn) It's where I knew I was in love with radio and later I was hired as a board op.
  11. I'm a music/movie/tv NUT!!
    I'm not an entertainment snob I like everything from reality tv to classical music. Of course I have my favorites but I really try not to discriminate when it comes to tv, music and movies. I'm that person that you call when you want to know that band's name or an actor who was in a movie that you can't remember. I'm pretty bad ass at pop culture trivia. It's a useless talent but it's mine.
  12. My favorite decade is the 70's
    I love the style of the seventies. The era seems almost electric to me. The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Cream were on the radio. It just seems to be one of the most free and creative decades of all.
  13. I'm a writer with a HUGE case of writers' block and an avid reader
    I will have 2-3 books that I'm reading at a time. Sometimes I read on my Kindle, sometimes real books/magazines, I'm in love with audio books and I can't get enough of news on the interwebs. Yes I write, I used to write all the time and I have to say that this app has helped me tremendously as far as prompts go. Plus I love the positivity of the community.
  14. I've been battling severe depression since I was 13 years old.
    Luckily, a couple of years ago, I finally got help for it. And the crazy thing is - I had no idea I was depressed until my family doctor, who saved my life, suggested the possibility. I totally believe that a mix of antidepressants and weed have helped me tremendously - take that Tom Cruise!!! To anyone out there suffering - just know that U ARE NOT ALONE - U are not the only person to ever face the desperation and hurt of this disease. Pls reach out to anyone U trust and get the help you need!
  15. I haven't spoken to my mom in almost 6 years and NEVER plan to again
    Yes she has done horrible things but it's not like I'm unforgiving. The problem I have with her is that she will never own up to her own mistakes, so if she can't acknowledge the behavior, how is she ever going to truly be sorry? It wasn't an easy decision for me to break ties with her even after she has done some really hurtful things to me and although I respect your POV - forgiveness of that woman is an off limits conversation. So I'd rather you don't bring her up. Ok?
  16. I LOVE my job!
    Right now I'm a low level promotions assistant but one day I hope to be an executive producer or a program director. My fav is working performances, concerts and assisting in the meet & greets with the artists. But truly my job is what I love and I'm a VERY lucky girl!
  17. Me with SoMo (WiLD)
  18. Me with FloRida (WiLD)
  19. Me with Billy Currington (QYK)
  20. Comedy is so important to me
    Whenever I feel really sad or just beat up by the world, I like to watch stand up comedians. I like the older legends like George Carlin, Chris Rock, Margret Cho, Eddie Murphy & Steven Wright. The new guys Pete Davidson, John Mulaney, Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari and Eugene Mirman are amazeballs too!
  21. Me & Ralphie May (WiLD)
  22. Just lemme do my thang
    I got this...
  23. Sookie Stackhouse?!?!
    Nope, it's just Erin. Love me some True Blood