Reasons Why I 💗LOVE💗 Dave Grohl

So I haven't posted a yet because I wanted the theme to be very important to me and he is so very, very amazeballs
  1. He's so super funny❣
    He trolls Westboro by singing about "Hot Man Muffins" to their face, Gangnam Style is one of his favorite songs of the last decade, he is the drummer on all 3 of Tenacious D albums and he just doesn't seem to take himself too seriously.
  2. He's a family guy 😍
    Come on ladies - hot musicians with kids are pretty damn sexy. Am I right?! He's got a beauty of a wife (of course!) and three baby girls but is still a successful musician & producer. Who says you can't have it all?
  3. He's known to be a super nice dude and very down for his fans.
    Foos have been known to play secret underground shows for fans and he's also a true fan himself of music. The man is passionate about what music can do and is so respectful of all the talent who has come before him. When I saw them play at Music Midtown 2014 - he played a few songs with Joan Jett making it a nite I'd never forget. Just watch the first season of Sonic Highways and you'll see what I mean.
  4. The man oozes talent 🙌🏽🔥
    We all know he started in Nirvana and Dave, Kurt & Krist were the entire 90's for me. Like a diary of my angsty youth, I as well as many other kids of that time felt a connection to all of them. But then out of the tragedy of losing Kurt Cobain - he produced the Foo Fighters who took rock music to whole new levels over and over again. Forget Kenny Rogers, God bless YOU Dave Grohl!!!