Undisputed best burger in Chicago, nay, the country, is from Au Cheval. Here's how to beat their system:
  1. The kitchen closes every day from 3-5
    They say they do this to reset between lunch and dinner. However, the why is not important. What is important is that people clear out
  2. During that time, they still serve drinks.
    Therefore, you can get a seat at the bar
  3. Arrive at 4:30 and order a beer
    Most people will turn away when they see the kitchen closed sign, and you will be able to walk right in and sit down
  4. Exactly 30 mins later, you are the first person to receive a burger.
    And the waitlist is already an hour, but guess what you already have a seat
  5. Don't tell anyone you know this
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    Seriously you'll ruin it for everyone. We cool?