AOL profiles used to be a thing, kids. Usually they were filled with weird online paper dolls that you'd make look like you and your friends, and you might leave someone out accidentally/on purpose and they'd cry about it. I thought I was cool so would just put a single quote. Here's what late middle school/early high school me actually wrote.
  1. "And Mama, I've been crying 'cause things ain't how they used to be." --Maroon 5, The Sun
    Deep. Kind of a weird sentiment for an 8th grader to identify with so deeply, but I did. The Sun is still my favorite Maroon 5 song.
  2. "Would you mind if I sat next to you and watched you smile?" --Fall Out Boy, Pretty in Punk
    This song is Fall Out Boy at their emo best. I'm sure I had a specific person in mind when I put this quote on my profile and hoped they'd read it and just know and fall madly in love with me... This was an era when I regularly read Pete Wentz's blog.
  3. "Oh, the trouble we could get in, so let's screw this one up right." --Jack's Mannequin, Holiday From Real
    I'm pretty sure this song is just about smoking weed and being unemployed for the hell of it, but it spoke volumes to 15-year-old me. I saw Jack's Mannequin in concert in high school, and I'm going to see their 10-year reunion tour next month, where they'll play this song again. I could not be more excited. I'll wear my original concert tee.
  4. I thought this list would be more embarrassing, but screw that. These songs hold up. I'm proud.