1. First and foremost, Harry Potter.
    Enough said.
  2. Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein (@crb is that really you?)
    This is a memoir, so it's the real world, but the way Brownstein describes the early 90s Washington music scene makes my heart ache. I want to be there. I'm a terrible musician. I'd never make it. But the Riot Grrrl culture, everyone you know being in a band, everyone writing zines, crashing at a friend of a friend's place in Australia, all of it -- I want to live it.
  3. Wayside School series
    These books take place in a world where someone with a third ear on top of her head can hear other people's thoughts. This is a world where there's a time vortex on the 19th story of a school. This is a world where everyone has a flavor of ice cream named after them, that tastes like what their mouth tastes like when they're tasting nothing at all. Therefore, I think there's a good chance this would be a world where I wouldn't be lactose intolerant. I could eat ice cream. Priorities.
  4. Unaccustomed Earth
    This has nothing to do with the book's content, just its style. Jhumpa Lahiri can write. Just... Perfectly. I think living in this book would be warm, peaceful, and just right. Its stories aren't that way, but its prose is.
  5. NOT A Game of Thrones
    So I've never actually read the book, but I've seen the first 3 seasons of the show. I think the reason I'm not still watching is because it's one fantasy world that is never, ever want to join.
  6. This list is harder than I thought, even though I love reading. A lot of books I read are nonfiction and I don't want to live in them. Or they're creepy fiction like Herman Koch's The Dinner that I definitely, definitely don't want to go anywhere near.
    Thanks for my first ever request @ChrisK!