@bjnovak wrote a book that I thought would be hysterically funny. Instead it made me think and question my entire relationship with my grandmother.
  1. I'm really close to my grandma and think she's the coolest. My proudest moments in life have been when she's asked me for advice. ME! A person who is 58 years older than me and provided 1/4 of my DNA wants my input on something
    It's usually what she should she watch on Netflix and can I just add them to her queue for her, but still
  2. I took the book out from the Delray Beach library while I was visiting my grandparents in January
  3. I read the story “No One Goes to Heaven to See Dan Fogelberg" and it FUCKED ME UP
  4. Five months later, it inspired me to have a great discussion with my grandma about our shared lack of belief in an after life
  5. Finally I had the courage to bring up the story and its implications. I started explaining the premise and how the grandma canceled on the kid once and she finished it for me: "Oh, she just wanted to hang with her friends because she was young again and she'd rather be with them?"
  6. And she just moved on to picking out a ripe watermelon or something, like she hadn't just shattered my whole world
    Oh yeah, should have mentioned this exchange took place in a grocery store
  7. The line about wanting to do something other than dinners at Grandma's haunts me. I pride myself on how obsessed with me my family is. And I know they probably wouldn't be if they hadn't created me, but I hadn't really thought about how they wouldn't be if they weren't old. That maybe they'd be too cool for family stuff, even though I'm not
  8. So thanks, @bjnovak, for writing a story that really made me think and is still making me think 10 months later. And thanks for messing with my mind a bit. I think that's healthy to do every once in a while
  9. I really wanted to write this as a letter to @bjnovak but this is 2015 and I couldn't find an address so please read this
    And if for some reason you're okay with me sending you a long, handwritten letter with wax seal on it (from Barnes & Noble, but whatever, it's still cool), as I have been known to do, let me know how I could make that happen
  10. Also I finished @mindy's new book today and I'm pissed that she brags about getting to talk to her favorite author all the time, so I gained the confidence to post this instead of being stuck wishing like some old Holden Caulfield before the days of the List App
    One day I'll write a list about the ways that Why Not Me? and Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? fucked me up, and one line will be about the fact that I still think about that joke about how Nguyen & Ari met in SAT class and how their story is much more relatable than Jack & Diane's way too often to be psychologically normal