So this one was hard for me cuz I left the South as soon as I could and I never truly felt safe there. But it was nice to look at the things I liked/loved. Here is my attempt at 10. Now everything below can be argued and qualified and trust me I probably did so while composing this. But I try to be objective and fair!
  1. 1) People say Ma'am, Sir, Miss and Mr. Call me old fashioned but in my culture (Indian/Desi) all elders are treated with respect. I enjoy that that aspect is reflected in the way we address strangers.
  2. 2) An unapologetic love of sport.
  3. 3) The vibe in the South is much more laid back. It's too damn hot and humid to rush anywhere.
  4. 4) Community is incredibly important. Those communities are often ill-defined and the parameters required to be a part of a community can be antiquated, limiting, and offensive. But there is a deep understanding of the concept of community that I appreciate.
  5. 5) Barbeque... Need I say more?
  6. 6) The accent is fun to do.
  7. 7) There is a lot of natural beauty in the South that is different from other areas of the country. Swamplands and Alligators. There used to be alligators living in a little pond near where I grew up. Manatees made their home where I lived. White sand beaches.
  8. 8) The water at most beaches in the South is warm enough to go into without a wetsuit.
  9. 9) The word y'all. I don't know I just love it and love saying it.