Weird things I was afraid of as a child. (Aliens. Mostly aliens.)

Maybe it was just me. Maybe I was a weird kid.
  1. Demons from under my bed could get me unless my covers were on.
    Blankets are natural demon repellant after all.
  2. Aliens could abduct me but only between the hours of 8pm and 1am and only if I was asleep.
    I tried to stay up till the safe time much to my mother's chagrin.
  3. The scariest thing in the world was moths.
    I believed they would form a giant moth army and take over the world. Did I mention I had an overactive imagination?
  4. Stuffed animals were spies.
    Before I'd tell any secret I'd throw all my stuffed animals in closets because they were alive and existed to gather information.
  5. Vampires wanted my blood.
    Mosquitoes love me so I was pretty convinced my blood tasted like sugar and that meant Vampires would also love me. To this day I can't have anything touch my neck despite loving Vampire fiction. Though watching vampire movies makes my neck retreat the way barbies does when you tried putting her head back on after that accident.
  6. Stepping on a crack in the pavement was a gateway to hell.
    This wasn't just me, to be fair. The kids in my class were convinced that if anyone stepped on a crack on the sidewalk outside of the school they were going to hell. What that says about my elementary school classmates I can't say.
  7. BONUS "WHAT I WASN'T AFRAID OF" : Stranger Danger
    I hugged everyone I came across. Taking me places was a magical journey of feelings and constant stops.