So many options in #LA. God bless #losangeles
  1. Cafe Gratitude
    The faux cheeses are all exceptional. The flax crackers & guacamole. The question of the day the waiter asks that you tell your friends is too lame to answer- but you always answer.
  2. Flore
    The BEST desserts... More specifically, the strawberry cake. Blows. Cake. Dreams. Away.
  3. Kitchen Mouse
    Take your best friend and his/her cutest Sunday lunch outfit (make sure to wear your fake reading glasses). Try their special dandelion coffee. Enjoy the pastel colors, and the delicious, delicious meals.
  4. Sage
    Coconut soft serve. Goatless Greek salad. The adorable hipster staff that is never too cool to smile too much. Oh, the cauliflower buffalo wings – insane.
  5. Bulan
    V-O Hot Wings * veggie chicken wings deep-fried, flavored with special hot sauce, served with carrot sticks and ranch dressing
  6. Crossroads
    Anything. Anything. Anything. Pretend you're rich for a night, and treat yourself to this fine cuisine. Out of this world flavor and presentation.
  7. Gracias Madre
    Thank you mother. Thank you for your tortilla chips and salsa selection. Thank you for your Almond horchata. Thank you mother, for your quesadillas, and guiltless, cruelty-free Mexican dishes.
  8. Burrito King
    Inexpensive. Thank you for giving us meet free options!
  9. The Spring
    On a special night you'll catch a live jazz performance. Enjoy the strawberry shortcake and fresh tea selection
  10. Pizzanista
    Pizza fk ya
  11. Amara Cafe
    Just adorable. Petite plates. Small capacity. Yummy breakfast options. Good for just the coffee and an emotional conversation that your neighbor will definitely hear because they are sitting inches away
  12. Town Pizza
    Gluten-free vegan option is undeniably perfection. New York style, big slices, big happiness!
  13. Donut Friend
    After a slice of pizza at Town pizza, walk next-door and stuff yourself with sugar.
  14. Sun Café
  15. Real Food Daily
  16. Shojin
    Magical Suuuuuuuuushhhhhhhi
  17. Ramen Hood
    A nice creative vegan egg on top of your huge bowl of Ramen. You get the downtown LA experience, with a warm bowl of soup, or a side of delicious Siracha tofu
  18. Little Pine
    Thank you @Moby ... All money is donated to animal-rights societies. Even IF the food wasn't good, I'd spend money here to send support to the cause
  19. Elf Cafe
    Romance. Legit vegan-gourmet satisfaction.
  20. Mohawk Bend
    Their vegan menu just expanded…in a very good way. All sorts of crazy pizza options and yummy salads for the light of heart. Bring your loud, talkative, sports-bar-type friends, or family members who are afraid vegan can't look like a good-time, party-time.