Chris keeps his Camera Roll super clean. Here of 10 of 25 photos on the Camera Roll. Either we shot them recently or he was using them for something on the net.
  1. Become Your Dream
    De la Vega returns to NYC this summer. After not seeing his work for a few years we're starting to see it again on the streets of NYC. "Become Your Dream" - De la Vega
  2. Free COST
    COST might be NYC's most prolific street artist plastering the city with his statements like "COST FUCKED MADONNA" since the 90's. He was arrested in the 90's and went underground to reappear in the 2010's. He was arrested again recently and numerous artists show support via #FreeCOST
  3. Faile Deluxe Arcade at Brooklyn Museum
    OMG. The Faile exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum is mind blowing.
  4. Wrdsmith
    We love Wrdsmith but don't know a ton about him. He popped up in L.A. a little over a year ago, wheatpasting quips like this almost daily.
  5. Above
    This is a gate painted by Above in the lower east side a few years ago. Above' work sells like hot cakes which we know because we've been trying to buy one for the office.
  6. Swoon at the Bowery Wall
    Swoon painted and pasted the Bowery Wall with a tribute to the communities effected by Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. This was an action shot of her at work.
  7. Snowden x Ron English
    In an otherwise empty parking lot in Chinatown you can find this Snowden bust and epic Ron English mural. Both were out there for the LoMans Art Festival a few weekends ago (which was the bomb),.
  8. Danielle Mastrion at Art Battles
    On Thursday nights during the winter le poisson rouge hosted Art Battles, a live painting competition between 4 street artists. We loved those events. This is a picture of Danielle Mastrion at work.
  9. Blue Nude - Henri Matisse
    The Matisse Cut-outs show at MoMA earlier this year exceeded expectations. We visited 4-5 times and were taken by the Blue Nudes.
  10. Stik
    Stik is a British artist based in London. This is a pic of him live painting at The Dorian Grey Gallery a few years back. Stik's art hangs in the homes of various celebrities "...including Elton John, Bono, Brian May, Sir Phillip Green and Tinie Tempah." It also hangs in the Art Mischief office.