Here are 5 of our most liked photos on the ArtMischief Instagram account in the last week. All photos are from NYC and taken by us 📷 http://www.instagram.com/ArtMischief
  1. Binho
    Fabio Ribeiro, better known as Binho, is one of the pioneers of graffiti in South America. Binho spent some time in NYC this summer, leaving behind some incredible street art. We met the artist at KC Art Gallery's NYC opening.
  2. Crisp
    Australian stencil artist Crisp painted these gates as part of the Wellingcourt Mural Project in Astoria, Queens. Lately, Crisp has taken to painting exotic species in vibrant color.
  3. BunnyM
    We caught this BunnyM walking around SoHo ~ among our favorite finds! BunnyM wheat pastes unique, hand-painted artwork depicting feminine beings.
  4. Faile
    A close up of Faile's Asian Prayer Wheel installation in Times Square. This one in particular is an iconic image from the Faile archives. On view until September 1st, Faile owns NY this summer.
  5. Dasic Fernandez
    Dasic Fernandez has colored the streets of NYC with brilliant murals from the Bushwick Collective's stomping grounds to Astoria, Queens and beyond. This is a recent addition to the Soho streets and a great stumbled upon!