5 popular photos posted to http://bit.ly/1O2lp30 this week
  1. Obey on Bowery
    Shepard Fairey's mural on Bowery has been up for about a year. This is the best shot we've ever taken of it and Instagram loved it.
  2. Lexi Bella in Chelsea
    Lexi Bella on 21st & 6th for the LoMans art festival.
  3. CASHRFC truck
    A perfectly framed Truck Graff shot. 💰
  4. Bradley Theodore
    Anna Wintour x Karl Lagerfelt by Bradley Theodore in SoHo/Chinatown
  5. Truck Graff Back
    Truck Graff is really popular on our Instagram account. Does L.A. have truck graff?
  6. Truck Graff Side
    Truck Graff is the new All-City. All-City was tagging a train that went to all 5 boroughs in the 80's/90's. Now trucks get you seen in all 5 boroughs.
  7. Bonus!
    We don't know who the artist is but we caught this in Williamsburg over the weekend.