The Art Mischief team pics 5 things we've been into for August. If you want to see the street art we've been feeling then you have to check over there ->
  1. Stefans head
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    📡 Txt him: 646-759-0904 - Stefan is a dealer of things and runs his streetwear business entirely through sms. Send him a txt, get on his list and he'll let you know when he has exclusive streetwear available. Like a young @bobbyhundreds
  2. Compton
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    🔫 Dre's new album has been on repeat since the day it dropped on Apple Music. The maestro and master collaborator slayed it again reminding us how important it is to surround yourself with talent. Big ups to @snoopdogg for One Shot One Kill.
  3. Faile's reimagined Asian Prayer Wheel in Times Square
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    ⌛️ Dive into the heart of Times Square, swearing at tourists to find Faile's Asian Prayer Wheel. Half the crowd will be oblivious to it, a third using it as a refuge from the chaos and the final third admiring a great work of art. The sculpture is adorned with intricate wood carvings of some of Faile's most iconic work. With an exhibit this summer in the Brooklyn Museum and this piece in Times Square it's been the summer of Faile in NY.
  4. Electric Objects - A computer made for art
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    💻 We have been digging our Electric Object even if it's the most schizophrenic piece of art in our collection. The EO is designed to be a passive screen for delivering digital art to the masses; the iPod for digital art. But it's not that passive since I'm compelled to change it everyday and the animation loops are short, creating some hyper-animated pieces. Still we love it, it's a conversation piece and you can sign us up for future versions of it.
  5. Dirty Bird to-go
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    🐤 Fried Chicken is dope and Dirty Bird does it right. This place is near our office and it's been a good month for the fried chicken eating Art Mischief crew.