This is some of the artwork that surrounds us while we work on Art Mischief
  1. Adam Dare
    Adam Dare's Perpetual Chase was a custom piece painted for Chris Mischief. After major life changes for both Adam and Chris they discussed this piece as a way for them both to start life's next chapter.
  2. ChrisRWK
    ChrisRWK is a staple in the NYC scene. This is the oldest piece of the collection and was purchased in 2010.
  3. Stikman
    Some things make into your collection in strange ways. Some so strange that you don't talk about it. Stikman is a rare piece for anyone's collection.
  4. B.D. White
    Black on black Ai Wei Wei stenciled, collages and cut out on top of the message "I hold with those who favor fire"
  5. Cope x Julian Rapp collab
    Graffiti legend Cope throws up his famous bubble tag on top of contemporary artist, Julian Rapp's abstract painting.
  6. Adam Dare
    This piece was a gift to Art Mischief by the bunny man. 💔🐰✖️✖️
  7. Julian Rapp
    Julian gave up the street art life after his last arrest but remains one of our favorite contemporary artists.
  8. Faile
    A Faile print of their piece for the NYC Ballet.
  9. Whatever is on the Electric Object
    I mean it's eye catching and all the cool kids are doing it but give me acrylics, spray paint and mixed media on canvas over silicon chips any day.