Everyone is too cool for Banksy except when he is doing some epic shit. We appreciate Banksy's work and all he has done for street art but even Banksy misses sometimes.
  1. The Sphinx in Queens 2014
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    First off, it was in the fucking Iron Triangle which pretty much guaranteed no one would see it besides these dudes who loaded it in a truck and sold it on the private market. But only after they sold a few bricks at $100 a brick to the 10 people who could find the Iron Triangle. Finally it was shitty art in the first place.
  2. The Drinker in London
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    It's just kind of lazy. Drop a couple hundred pound statue overnight in secret and the Drinker is the best you can do? Completely pwned by the Edward Snowden bust that was secretly dropped in Fort Greene park earlier in the year.
  3. Home Sweet Home - Bristol Museum
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    This style of painting over a thrift shop painting has inspired a handful of boring copycats. Some, like The Most Famous Artist, are even blowing up with this shitty style.
  4. Mobile Lovers
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    This is some Instagram pandering shit. There is some really good Art-created-for-Instagram stuff out there and most of it is more relevant. Leave this style to Hanksy.
  5. Rejected Op-Ed in NY Times 2014
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    I mean sure you are Banksy and you are storming NYC and the media is going to fawn all over you... Except this aint London homey and the NY Times laughed at and rejected your out of touch thought piece on One World Trade. You overplayed your hand and lost this one.
  6. Spray Art $60 in Central Park
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    This was genius. The downside of this prank is all the hucksters selling Knock off Banksy's in NYC this summer. Some complete with rumors that have people leaving their offices and swarming a table on Crosby street and buying him out in minutes only to realize they've been had.