5 Artists Who Are Game Changers in my Life

When I use the word artist I'm thinking beyond the canvas. I use it as a term for a person who creates what is enjoyed and consumed by others. These artists are ones who have impacted my life in many diverse ways, but being I'm a clown at heart most are comedic influences.
  1. Lucille Ball taught me how to be funny. I was introduced to her at a very young age. My Abuelita and I would watch the I Love Lucy show many of nights together. Then the next day I would reenact the bits for my Abuelitos to either laughter or, "Mida! Sit down and stop being silly." Either way I was getting the attention I craved.
  2. The first time I saw Rupaul was on MTV. I thought she was funny, beautiful and tall. When I saw To Wong Foo I jump when I saw Ru and said to my mom, " Thats the beautiful woman from MTV." My mom replied, "Thats a man." My 11 year old mind was blown. What? Why? How? LOVE!
  3. My first stand-up album was Chris Rock's Roll in the New. I was 13 so had to get my mom to buy it for me. Thank goodness she never censored what I ingested because that album taught me that being funny and smart was what it is all about. While there were some jokes I didn't get I was hooked on Rock.
  4. I discovered Kevin Smith movies as a teenage as most do. However my true fan girl status started with Smodcast. In 2006 I was about to finish college, very poor and in need of something to listen to on my way to and at school/work. Through a fan website I learned of Smodcast and it opened the treasure chest of the podcast world. I had arrived.
  5. When everyone was going through their surreal phase loving Dali I was obessed with Frida Khalo. The way she created was beauitful and harsh. I wanted to expose my soul to the world as she had done. The more I studied about her life the more I fell in love with her not only as an artist, but as a person as well.
  6. Honorable Mention: In more recent years I have watched every by Mindy Kaling does. TV, books, twitter, Instagram, hell I'd follow her down the street if I know where she lived. She is smart, stylish, funny and above all she is my hair ideal.