1. Untitled
    My personal favorite. I love every track!
  2. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
    This is a fun album with some iconic Blink songs, and some nice pop punk tracks.
  3. Dude Ranch
    I love Tom's guitar riffs on this album.
  4. Enema Of The State
    I think this album kinda set the stage for pop punk.
  5. Cheshire Cat
    Album is great except for the recording/mixing quality.
  6. Dogs Eating Dogs
    This is what Blink should have been after the reunion. A newer sound but still stays true to what Blink is.
  7. Neighborhoods
    Good album but I don't think it touched their older stuff. +1 for Wishing Well :)
  8. California
    Love this album but they could've done without all the "Whoa ohs" and "na na nas".