Though they’ve found a new home on your instagram feed, cats have been in picture and paintings for thousands of years. Explore more cats in art at https://www.artsy.net/tag/cat
  1. Unknown, Eastern Seleucid Empire, ‘Lynx Rhyton,’ 50-1 B.C.
  2. ‘Openwork incense burner in the shape of a lion, Islamic, Eastern Persia-Khorasan,’ 11th Century A.D.
  3. Antonio D’Ubertino Verdi (Called Bachiacca), ‘Portrait of a young lady holding a cat,’ 16th Century
  4. Hendrik Goltzius, ‘The Fall of Man,’ 1616
  5. Clara Peeters, ‘Still Life of Fish and Cat,’ after 1620
  6. Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, ‘Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuñiga,’ 1788
  7. Édouard Manet, ‘Olympia,’ 1863
  8. Utagawa Toyokuni III (Utagawa Kunisada), ‘Cat and Beauty from the series Beauties in New Styles Dyed to Order,’ 1818-1830
  9. Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, ‘Chat Noir ‘Ce Soir’,’ 1869
  10. Pierre-Auguste Renoir, ‘Woman with a Cat,’ ca. 1875
  11. Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, ‘Looking Tiresome: The Appearance of a Virgin of the Kansei Era from the series Thirty-two Aspects of Customs and Manners,’ 1888
  12. Pierre Bonnard, ‘Le chat blanc (The White Cat),’ 1894
    Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, San Francisco. https://www.artsy.net/artwork/pierre-bonnard-le-chat-blanc-the-white-cat
  13. Ed Van Der Elsken, ‘Printed by Ed van der Elsken from: ‘Love on the left bank’ Paris,’ ca. 1952
  14. Andy Warhol, ‘(Pink Sam with Pink Eyes),’ ca. 1954
  15. Michael Jang, ‘Untitled, from ‘The Jangs’,’ 1973
  16. Louise Bourgeois, ‘The White Cat (Champ Fleury),’ 1994
  17. Todd Hido, ‘Untitled #1843,’ 1996
  18. Jeff Koons, ‘Cat on a Clothesline (Red),’ 1994-2001
  19. Martin Schoeller, ‘Jay-Z with Cat,’ 2007
  20. Sue De Beer, ‘Untitled (Snoebelle),’ 2009-2012
  21. Yago Partal, ‘Cat,’ 2013
  22. Lynn Hershman Leeson, ‘Glowing Cat from The Infinity Engine (detail),’ 2013-2015
  23. Justin Gilzene, ‘Pharrell x Dr. Seuss,’ 2014